We are all works of art…

Proverbs 25:4 (NCV) “Remove the scum from the silver, so the silver can be used by the silversmith.”

I love the analogy of God being the silversmith and me (all of us actually) being the silver in this verse. When I first came to Christ and asked him to come into my heart, I was covered by the “scum” of this world. As I started to walk with him and began to allow Him to work in my life, He started the cleaning process in me. After cleaning off the “dirt” of this world, He polished me off so that I could shine like silver and be ready for His use. God has given me (all of us) a job to do. It is unbelievable what He has in store for us once we allow Him to begin His cleaning and polishing process.

I am so thankful He pulled me out of the muck and mire of my life. When I came to Him, I was covered in the filth of this world. As He began the “cleaning” process in me, I started to utilize the gifts and talents He had given me to serve others. As He continues this process, I  am constantly being used by Him in ways I would have never thought possible.

Moving along the path God has placed me on, who knows what He has in store for me next. I know it’s up to me to allow Him to continue to “clean” and “polish.” I also realize sometimes the “cleaning” and “polishing” process isn’t always fun. Growing and being shaped is a painful process – but I know God is with me every step of the way. He is the silversmith and I am His work of art! I am being carefully molded by the hands that created the universe – how cool is that?

God has me in the palm of His hand and there is no way He will let me go until He has completed His work. This image alone is so comforting to me.

Additional Scripture:

2 Corinthians 4:16 – 18; Isaiah 43: 1- 3; Psalm 23:4; Romans 5:3

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