Published Works

A Load Too Heavy to Carry
A Short Story with thought-provoking points to ponder

A Load Too Heavy to Carry

Ashleigh Stevenson is a 30-something woman who, from the outside, appears to have it all; an upwardly mobile career, a husband who supports her, and a precocious two-year-old son. But, with each passing day, her fast-paced, deadline-driven schedule becomes more and more overwhelming and begins to take its toll on Ashleigh’s health and wellbeing. Will Ashleigh trust God enough to make a heat of the moment, life-changing decision?

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Hope for this Day
14 Days of devotion and prayer

Establishing a daily quiet time is essential to our walk with Jesus. It is in, and through, these quiet moments that we can learn more about who He is and who we are in Him. Hope for this day is a free 14-Day Quiet Time Challenge for anyone who is hoping to establish a daily quiet time.

14 Day Quiet Time Challenge – Click this link to download your free PDF file.